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Visit High Atlas Djebel Toubkal & Imlil - Trek, Hike, Lunch At Kasbah Toukbal & Explore Berber Villages




High Atlas Djebel Toubkal & Imlil One Day Tour

One Day Tour High Atlas Djebel Toubkal Tour
Duration: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Morocco Travel: In Luxury 4x4
English, French Speaking Driver, Guide
Starting & Finishing Point: Your Hotel In Marrakech
Travel to Morocco's High Atlas region and Trek Jebel Toukbal. Visit the tiny hamlets and Berber Village of Imlil. Trek in Morocco (Book a Tour or call  (800) 787-8806 . Let us be your guide to Morocco Travel. 
Depart Marrakech by 4x4 and head south toward Imlil. Imlil is a small, peaceful village in the high Atlas Mountains of Morocco.Due to its unique position this quaint town has become the center of mountain tourism. At 1740 meters above sea level, Imlil sits just below Djebel Toukbal the highest peak in Northern Africa
As your driver travels towards Imlil, just 1 ½ hours outside the “red city” of Marrakech, the road narrows considerably after the turn-off from the market town of Asni, winding for 18 km up into the village. Once in Imlil, travel is on foot or by mule. (If it’s Saturday remind your host to stop at the Saturday souk in Asniand stock up on supplies prior to heading to the mountains- if you’re planning an extended stay).
Your driver will take you on a small tour of the village which in fertile in spring and summer with waterfalls surrounded by greenery. Explore the small shops selling Berber silver jewelry and local Moroccan goods that can be found along the tarmac road just before the dead end that leads up to Toukbal.
Next visit the other side of Imlil and travel through a small windy road and then a short trek downhill by foot that leads to an auberge owned by a Swiss woman. Enjoy afternoon tea on the terrace or inside this tiny, charming interior space- that boasts breathtaking views of Toukbal and the surrounding old village kasbahs.   
Enjoy lunch KasbahToukbal’s terrace with its magnificent views of Toubkal, just a 10 minute short walk past the tarmac road.
After lunch head back down to the town center of Imlil and return to Marrakesh.
Imlil as a village is a relatively new creation; it was created to cater for the amount of tourists pouring through en route to Toubkal. The original communities still exist in the valleys around: Tamatert; Ait Souka; Tagadirt; Acheim; Taourirt n'Ait Mizane; Mzikene and Arhrene. Before the advent of mountain tourism theImlil area was well known for its walnuts, apples and cherry production.
If you interested in trekking to Mount Toubkal and would like to summit to the top, then there’s an option to extend your stay or include the trek as part of your itinerary. Just inform your driver or Travel Exploration and we will be sure to hire a qualified local mountain guide, as well as mules and mule handlers, for transport of equipment and food supplies.  
It is possible to climb Mount Toubkal in two days - first day up to the refuge (around seven hours without mules), second day to the summit (around five hours) and back to Imlil (up to five hours).  
In summer the mountains can be very dry, but are sometimes subjected to storms - often in August. Although the temperature should keep above zero during the day, freezing conditions are possible over 3,500m. In winter the mountains are covered in snow and ice, and can be prone to avalanches. Skiing is possible as the snow can lie to considerable depth and covers many rocky slopes.
The standard route commences with an easy walk to the village of Aroumd. Past Aroumd a floodplain is crossed from where the route follows the left slope of the valley southwards. The valley bends to the east to the tiny settlement of Sidi Chamharouch, which has grown around a Muslim shrine. At Sidi Chamharouch a path leads over the stream and steeply uphill to the right side of the Isougouane valley, which leads to two stone-built refuges (old Neltner Refuge and new Refuge du Toubkal, 3,207m).
From that point a path crosses the stream, climbs a steep scree slope to the east and enters a valley (corrie), then climbs another steep slope to reach a col (Tizi'n'Toubkal at 3,940m). At the col the route turns left (northwards) to the summit ridge of Jebel Toubkal. The 4,167m summit is crowned with a curious pyramidal metal frame and views take in most of the Atlas and Anti-Atlas Mountains. 
Also known as Djebel Toubkal, this impressive massif is a mecca for trekkerswho climb to the summit for magnificent views of the Atlas range, and the satisfaction of conquering one of Africa's most famous mountains. It is the central attraction of Morocco's Mount Toubkal National ParkAnascent of Mount Toubkal is one of Morocco's most popular attractions, achieved in as little as two days, but normally included as a highlight of a longer trek in the High Atlas, of up to 10 daysor more.

High Atlas Djebel Toubkal Three Day Trek- Explore Imlil Village, Trek To a Refuge, Into Berber Villages, Around Waterfalls & Summit Toubkal, the Highest Mountain in Morocco.



High Atlas Djebel Toukbal Three Day Tour 


Three Day High Atlas Djebel Toubkal Tour
Duration: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Morocco Travel: In Luxury 4x4
English, French Speaking Driver, Guide
Starting & Finishing Point: Your Hotel In Marrakech

Spend the night in the High Atlas Mountains of Djebel Toubkal. Hike to the summit of Djebel Toubkal which is 4,167 meters high to enjoy a spectacular sunrise on this tour. Travel from Marrakech through tiny hamlets and Berber Villages. En route trek past the villages of Taourirt, Targa and Imoula. Trek to the summit of Jbel Toubkal and enjoy a breathtaking view of Morocco’s landscape. Take the Ikkhibi Sud or South Cirque route and descend along the steep, zigzagging trails of the higher slopes of the Valley of the Assif n’lsouhouanem n’Ouagounss towards the Berber village of Sidi Chamharouch. An expedition to Jbel Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains is a must-do on a Morocco Travel Tour.


You will be picked up from your Riad or Hotel in Marrakech. Accompanied by an English-speaking guide drive south over gorges and high passes of the Upper Valleys to the Berber town of Imlil.


A welcome glass of mint tea will be served in your gîte d’étape prior to setting out for a 4 kilometer hike towards the south up to the Berber villages of Aroumd (Aremd) Taourirt, Targa, and Imoula. Make a pitstop at Aroumd.


Visit the village of Sidi Chamharouch, a Berber village that lies near a waterfall. Enjoy a picnic, with the majestic view of Jbel Toubkal, at 4167 meters, the highest peak in the Maghreb. The last stretch of the trek to Djbel Toukbal will take you to your overnight accommodation at the Toubkal Refuge or in a bivouac tent.



Begin the day with a climb up the highest peak in the Maghreb (4167m). Descend towards the South of Djbel Toukbal for a straightforward 2 to 3 hour hike that is a descent back to the Refuge.


A light Djbel Toukbal hike will be taken south-eastwards to the head of the Assif Aït Mizane Valley and Tizi n’Ounoums. After you will return to the overnight accommodation, either at the Toubkal Refuge or in a bivouac tent.



In the morning trek back towards the north along the higher slopes of the Valley of the Assif n’lsouhouanem n’Ouagounss towards the Berber village of Sidi Chamharouch.  

Next descend high above the valley of the Assif Aït Mizane, down zigzagging trails around granite and basalt grey rocks to Aroumd (Aremd) (1843m). Continue up by mule track to return at the Berber village of Imlil (1740m).

 Take the road back to Marrakech. This ends your Morocco Travel Toukbal Trek.